Saturday, March 28, 2009

March and Maddox Milestones

This month has gone so fast; first Spring Break, then a week of CSAP prep, another week of CSAP testing with one more to follow, soccer games, and spring cleaning... It is no wonder it has been several weeks since I have posted.

Maddox is changing so much recently, in social, physical, and intellectual ways. His imagination has taken off! He regularly engages in imaginary play, often bring us in as props (I am usually the princess that he rescues, or the puppy that he plays with). He will entertain himself with his cars or other toys for extended periods of time.

He has sprouted up like crazy too. All of his winter clothes that were 3T/4T are now high water pants on him. I just can't bring myself to go buy new jeans or long pants when there are literally only weeks till he will be in shorts full time. We pulled his trike out of the garage and he is coordinated to pedal and steer it now; last spring he needed someone to push him. I think that we will get him a bike for his birthday. He has started to play and interact with other kids too, just as long as the other kid is older than him, he is not too fond of "babies".

He has always loved books and wanted me to read "all of them" before bed. But just the other night he gave me the best gift. He picked out his truck book and said he wanted to read it to me! He held it right side up, turned the pages correctly and mimicked reading to me just as I read to him; enthusiastic voice, showing me pictures, asking me what I thought was happening or which was my favorite. I just sat there with the biggest smile holding back my tears. It was too cute I wish I had video taped it! His vocabulary is growing exponentially too! He was trying to tell my mom to "carrot". He kept saying he wanted her to "carrot", but she didn't know what he was saying, so he stopped and very clearly said to her, "Grandma, I want you to HOLD it for me."

His vocabulary as also grown in a negative way too... he has said some mean and naughty things and we have been correcting, spanking, all that but he still was saying it. It finally took him calling dad "stupid", but I took him in the bathroom and stuck the bar of soap in his mouth. Surprise, surprise he has been pleasant as a peach since!

Here are pics of him being engrossed in his own play...Got to love him!

I especially like this one where he is making funny faces in the reflection of the car...

Learned? I need to keep better records of what is going on in my life here; after all that is the reason I started this thing...

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