Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Enjoying the Summer

This summer has been flying by, we were in swim lessons for two weeks, Madison has been to church camp for one week, then to soccer the next while watching my niece Myla, now we are in the midst of our last two week stretch before she goes back to school and it is beginning to fill up. Last weekend we all went to WALL-E, Maddox did pretty good, and we thought it was enjoyable despite some strong messages regarding how humans are ruining the world and themselves.

Last weekend we went to the pool with my SIL Kristen and my niece Tenley. It was the baby's first time at the pool and she did great. Maddox also loved this particular pool because it has a shallow kiddy pool. Madison took a friend, and the two of them had such a good time on their own, I couldn't get any pics of them!

This week seems to be just as packed full of fun too. Madison went on a short day trip with a friend, and has sleep over plans with Grandma Polly on Wednesday. I have a hair appointment Thursday, I am way past due! Then we head for the cabin Thursday evening to enjoy the 4th of July weekend. It will be a lot of fun as the whole Caster clan will be there as well as Carrie's in-laws from Utah. Brian's dad bought a boat, so I am sure we will enjoy some water sports as well!

Learned? I am so thankful that I get a longer summer this year. I am not ready to head back yet because we are having so much fun!!

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