Monday, July 21, 2008

4th Grader

Last week Madison started the fourth grade. That makes me feel really old...I actually remember being in the fourth grade. She has the same 4th grade teacher that I had. I wonder how it makes her feel?

I had taken some REALLY cute "First Day of School" pictures of here, but somehow they are not on my camera now. I am a bit frusterated. So I will just have to re-enact them once the clothes get out of the laundry.

We decided to ride our bikes to school with Maddox and the supplies in the bike trailer. I got to walk her into class and find her desk, and get her settled in. I wasn't sure how much she would allow this because she is approaching the age where mom's aren't so cool anymore. One clue that told me she was still my little girl at heart was she wanted folders and notebooks that had puppies on them instead of the cool graphic designs that I liked. I didn't push the issue and thought I would enjoy the "innosence" for a bit longer.

As we were headed into the school I couldn't help but feel that there was a birthday party going on, and I wasn't invited. I normally would have started school too, but I transfered to the middle school. The school seemed to be buzzing with the excitement, energy, and anticipation that a new year brings. It sort of made me miss it... sort of.

Madison saw all her friends, and immediatly started right where they left off. She seems to have had a good first week. I can already see a change in her, she is more mature. She has been setting her clothes out and making her lunches the night before. She gets her homework finished with out a fight, and has me sign right away. I don't even have to remind her. I sure hope this continues for the rest of the year!!! (Knock on wood).

Learned? Even though 4th grade seems grown-up, Madison is still a little girl at heart, that is one thing that I don't want to rush. I also think that the conflicting desires of wanting to grow up and wanting to be little make this time especially difficult. Having taught this grade and the next for the last 6 years, hopefully will prepare me for what is in store.

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Danny,Vycci and Kids said...

I can feel that bitter-sweet feeling with you as I read about taking Madison to school. It must have felt really strange to not be apart of what you have been apart of. I kind of know that feeling. I also can relate to the growing older thing. Every year Isaac gets older the harder it gets for me. And it is a constant reminder how being a kid in all stages is a continuous battle: the desire to grow up be independent against the true innocence of being young and taken care of. We assume this is a battle just for them. But I think we forget how hard it is for us too. Enjoy fourth grade:)