Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Here I Go Again

Having just finished my masters program, I thought that it would be a while before I took another class. It has only been three weeks, and I have begun another class. This class happens to be completely paid for by a grant. At the completion of it I will have an additional 8 credit hours, a brand new TI-84 calculator, multiple texts, and multiple classroom manipulative. Oh yeah and a much greater understanding of Geometry, and how students learn Geometry. I Just started it yesterday and it runs for the next two weeks, and then we meet a few times through out the year. There are a couple big projects for the pedagogy (understanding how students learn the subject, and how to teach it), as well as actual class work and homework from the college geometry class to complete. But it doesn't feel overwhelming...yet.

I was a bit hesitant about taking on another class, but I am glad that I decided to do it. It will really help prepare me to teach the high school geometry to my new group of 8th graders.

Learned? It is hard to pass up over $1,000 in free education.


Danny,Vycci and Kids said...

When we comitted to being in this line of work-we should've just accepted the fact that we would be in school forever! While I am completing my endorsement, I already have classes lined up for the grant I just recieved also. It's pitiful. Best of luck, hopefully your class really helps in your new adventure.

Walker paradise said...

you are so ambitious as an adult Brooke.....not that you weren't when we were younger but mine has definetly died off!!!! Good job I hope you know I look up to you..