Monday, July 7, 2008

A Full Fourth of July

When I say full, I mean it literally. We went to the cabin for the weekend and there were 17 people and 2 dogs. Brian and I took the pop-up camper so there would be enough beds for everyone to sleep in. Despite the many people, it didn't feel all that claustrophobic. We spent the weekend on the boat playing. Madison water skied again (she got up for the first time last year at Powell). All I can do is smile when I see her out there. She really can do ANYTHING she puts her mind to. Maddox loved the boat as well. The last time he was on the boat it immediately put him to sleep.... Not this year. He was doing his Titanic impression at the bow. Face being blown in the wind, drool streaming out the sides of his mouth, smiling the entire time. The only words out of his mouth were "More, Please" when the boat would stop. I even managed to squeeze in a run. It was great, though a bit tough as the lake is over 8,000 feet in elevation. It felt like I was running at the beach in the sand... but I did it! It rained every night, and in the camper the slightest rain fall sounds like the largest storm. Maddox and Hudson had a great time and played very well together.

On Friday morning we went into Collbran and watched the parade and enjoyed the pancake breakfast. The parade was pretty cute, the best float was a riding lawn mower with a sign that advertised their yard sale later that day!!! I tried to get a picture but it went by before I could get the camera out. Later that night we headed back to Collbran and found a perfect spot on the hill in Gandi Park to watch the fireworks. I always enjoy the fire works here. When you are on the hillside, the fireworks are almost eye level. They are pretty amazing for such a small town. This was the first year Maddox saw the show. His awe an amazement was so cute!

Now I am busy working on laundry. I need to wash all the bedding from the camper as well as our camping clothes. Thankfully the laundry was caught up before we left so I don't have all that to do to.

Learned? I was reminded how enjoyable it is to get out and play in nature with family!

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Danny,Vycci & Kids said...

Sounds like fun! Can't wait to see you. It's starting to feel like we're going to loose our summer before we can get I am so glad we have our trip planned!