Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Literal Maddox

It is funny to see how literal Maddox is:

Maddox wanted chocolate milk, so I made him some and told him to shake it up. He was just barely shaking it so I told him to shake it up again, he made no changes in how vigorous he was shaking but just shook it higher above his head; I guess he was shaking it "up"!

The other day Maddox asked Brian something and he said no, then Maddox turned around and asked me and I repeated the answer, so Brian said, "Mom's got my back". To this Maddox stopped what he was doing came over to me turned me around so he could see my back and said "let me see".

Then yesterday....
Maddox: Mom where's dad?
Me: At work
Maddox: Where's dad work?
Me: In Parachute.
Maddox: Does dad work in the sky or on the ground?
Me: Stunned silence while I process his question.... then it dawns on me he is thinking of parachutes, the ones used to float safely to the ground after exiting an airplane while still in flight... The rest of our conversation is spent trying to explain the names of towns.

Learned: I forget how literal young children are, and continually amused by my son.

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