Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Conquering the Serpent

On my 5th week of running Serpents Trail, I have finally conquered it; I ran it all the way up, both times with out stopping! YAHOO! It felt so good to accomplish this. I will of course keep going because it is such a great, scenic and cardio, run.

Our group of women going has grown from the original two ladies to now include six of us; all ranging in ability from the casual hiker to the marathon runner! It is such a great group of women all enjoying the scenery and a common goal of improving our health.

I can honestly say that with out each of these amazing ladies, I would not have succeeded in this goal. I for sure would not be crawling out of bed before 5 during the summer if I didn't have them waiting for me, nor would I have made it to the top if I didn't have two great examples blazing the trail ahead of me!

Now to improve my pace!!!

Learned? The view from the top is beautiful, but not nearly as great as the sense of accomplishment attained from reach it.

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