Saturday, July 25, 2009

In Exactly ONE Week...

I will Turn 30!
30 Thoughts at 30:
1. That sounds really old
2. I don't feel REALLY old, still feel 24
3. Most of my friends are 30 or older, so they don't have much sympathy for me.
4. I am way healthier/more active at 30 than I was at 24.
5. I just found out there is a 1/2 marathon in the town we are going to for my b-day ON my b-day... Wish I would have known sooner...
6. I have accomplished a lot more than I ever imagined I would by 30.
7. Would like to run 2 - 1/2 marathons in my 30th year.
8. If I am 30 that means Madison is will turn 11, only 5 years till driving!
9. I wish I would have known 1/2 of what I know now, back then.
10. I am the same age as my mom! (My mom will forever be 30 in my mind)
11. Need to SERIOUSLY plan for retirement, given all I want to do.
12. Conflicted between having a HUGE shindig to celebrate, or making the passage quietly.
13. I still want the same things as before, but I think I know HOW to get them now.
14. I know 30 is just a # but it's hard when all the famous athletes, actors,and musicians have a smaller # than me now.
15. I am still younger than most of the parents of my students.
16. Much more appreciative for family now.
17. I have ALMOST lived longer on my own than with my parents.
18. 1/3 of my life has been shared with an amazing man.
19. Feeling that there are just some things I mustn't do now.
20. I know who I am, rather than trying to find myself. (might I say this again at 40?)
21. I wont shop at Hollister: the music's too loud, the scent is overwhelming, and it's too dark to see what I am buying.
22. I will go to the pool and actually swim, but only if it's hot enough.
23. Wish there were a way to impart wisdom that only comes from experience to inexperienced youth.
24. Family time is way more important and valuable to me than social time.
25. I refuse to become unfashionable, but finding the balance between teen and old lady is tricky.
26. I have made some amazing friendships, some that have lasted 20 years (Jolene) and others that are just new (Anne), but all are so valuable to me.
27. I wish I would have had this competitive drive when I was in school.
28. Still learning, still wanting to learn, still imparting learning.
29. I know it will just be another day; I will not actually feel, look, speak, act,or think with any greater insight just because my numbers are 3 and 0.
30. Success and happiness are no longer what I desire most for myself, but what I desire above all else for my children.


Anonymous said...

What an awesome list. I think I would have to agree with some about my life as well. Don't we always feel 24?? Let me know if you would like to get together the 3rd and hang out for your BDAY!! We will be in Creede the 30-2nd for Gem Show. Rachel A.

Danny,Vycci and Kids said...

Happy Birthday is all I have to say Young One!!! :)

Walker paradise said...

I like hollister.....probably makes me remember CSU days and gives me the illusion that i'm young!