Saturday, July 4, 2009

Maddox's First Fish!

Yesterday Brian, Maddox, and I went to the Mesa to fish (Madison was at her Aunt Peggy and Teja's riding horses). Maddox was so excited and spent the whole day climbing, jumping, and throwing rocks. Our first lake was my personal favorite, Atkinson, and we walked to the inlet to do some fishing. Maddox was the first, and only, one to catch a fish. He was super excited and even wanted to hold it up for a picture, then he touched it and discovered how slimy it was and changed his mind.

We tooled around the mesa 4-wheeling into some of the back lakes to fish and just enjoying oursleves. Maddox fell asleep, so we found a nice meadow and all took a brief snooz.

Our journey continued over the top of the Mesa and down Lands End road. I really enjoyed myself watching my two boys fish together.

Learned? Fishing is like gambling; Just one more cast and I know I will catch one!!!

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