Monday, January 26, 2009

Let's Swim!

Yesterday we went to Malia's birthday party at the local indoor pool. It was crazy busy. They had a swim meet that just got over, and all those waiting to get in were jammed in the foyer. Just before 2:00 (when the party was supposed to start) the lady came out and told us they were still cleaning up from the meet, but they wanted to get us in so we could start swimming right at 2:00.

Maddox, who had been waiting patiently (as patiently as a 2 year old could) responded with a YEAH! The next thing I know Brian is saying "Maddox!" I turn to see my son in the room full of people with his pants around his ankles! Brian quickly pulled them up and informed him that he needed to wait to change in the changing room. Maddox got very embarrassed!

I thought it was pretty funny that he was so excited to swim, and so uninhibited that he could begin changing into his swim clothes as soon as he heard it was swim time.

Learned? Swimming in January is COLD, even at an indoor pool! Brian and I swam with the kids, but I only lasted for the first half of the party.

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