Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Wild Self

This was a really fun site to play around on. Some of my co-workers and I made portraits of our "Wild Selves". One made one based on functionality the other was stylistically, and mine was based on my personality.

So this is my psychoanalysis based upon my wild self:
Lion Mane: I am a Leo
Flamingo wings: I like to look nice (the peacock tail would have better represented this but it made the picture too busy.
Scorpion tail: the defensive, wicked, impulsive, part of me.
Lion Legs: The runner in me.
Gibbon Arms: The necessity to juggle a lot at one time.
Sea Lion Ears: Not being a good listener. (they were the smallest)
Eyes: They looked a little sad
Brows and Lips: They looked a little mischievous.
The Shirt Color: My favorite color is green -right now.
The Emblem On The Shirt: Three loves of my life, the need to be loved, the desire to be better at loving others.
The Skirt: It matched the best with green.
The Background: The coming storm, the passing storm, or the storm I am in the midst of, a reminder that between the storms- no matter how brief, there is a sense of peace. Also I am comforted by thunderstorms, I love the smell and the energy in the air.

Make one and send it to me via email! I'd love to see what you come up with!

Learned? I learned a lot about me. Maybe I'll do it again sometime when "life" makes another turn...

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Danny,Vycci and Kids said...

I love it. What is the website? I didn't see it. Are you guys going to be around over President's day weekend. We hope to be coming. It's also valentine's day weekend....