Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Rachel and Summer!

Today two of my friends celebrated their birthday.

Rachel and I have been friends for almost 11, or is it 12, years. We became roommates the summer after we graduated and have been friends since. Last night we celebrated her 30th birthday by watching Pride and Prejudice at Jill's. We don't just watch the new one... we are hard core, watching the A&E miniseries version that is quite long. We started it at 5:30 and didn't end until 11:30. Of course we had a break for cake and presents! There was lots of yummy food to enjoy too! My friend Summer joined us and made a delicious Limoncello Tiramisu YUMMMM! It was a very enjoyable evening!

Summer and I have known each other for several years as our daughters have gone to school together since preschool. Just recently we have become friends that hang out for more than that reason. During Christmas break I got her to start running with me (she is doing great and is already up to 4 miles!). Today she turned 36 (I think I can share that because she shared it on her blog... ) and she looks AMAZING! To celebrate we decided to work our butts off. Running was not an option today because there was no one available to watch the girls and Maddox. So we opted for a video rather than nothing at all. It was a completely different type of exertion than running. She earned her piece of cake for sure after that one!

So Happy Birthday to two amazing friends! Thanks for being a part of my life and sharing a part of yours with me!

Learned? Celebrating another year with each of my friends was very special, maybe if I focus on that rather than getting another year older, 30 won't be so difficult for me come August.

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Jill said...

And might I add - Summer has awesome hair!! she's adorable.