Sunday, November 21, 2010

And the Sports Just Keep on Comming....(but I am not complaining)

Madison's soccer season came to a close at the end of October. Typically this means that we have a bit more free time, BUT a few weeks before soccer ended she started basketball AND Maddox also started wrestling. So we continue to fill our evenings with various sports practices, and our weekends with games. Thankfully the farthest we have to travel for basketball is Fruita.

It is so fun to watch Madison play sports, we see a completely different side of her. Off the field/court, she is so kind and calm; but on the court we see such a competitive spirit, complete with scary faces...hopefully I can capture the contrast on film.

Maddox is having a great time with wrestling. Even after an hour of wrestling practice and even more running around he comes home wound up. He is picking it up pretty quickly too. Most of the kids wrestling have been wrestling for at least a year, and they always pair him with kids his size, which means he is practicing against kids that are 6 or 7 years old thus having 3-4 years of experience. It took me a while to realize this and get over my worries that he was completely uncoordinated, compared to the kids his age he is doing great! I am so proud of how he goes out there eager to learn, works hard, then comes home and practices on me. He has had multiple successful take downs on me!

Learned: It brings me so much joy to see my children try new things and work hard. Even though it takes a lot of time and planning on the parent's end, and sometimes the laundry doesn't get done, it is worth it because I know how athletics instills such important life lessons... perseverance, commitment, hard work... just to name a few.

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Danny,Vycci and Kids said...

I am sooo glad you posted something. I was beginning to really worry about you. I don't know if you got my message the other day, but I left you a voicemail, just to say hello. I was going to see what your holiday weekends were looking like. I think we have one free one. I suppose it's probably totally wishful thinking, but I wanted to find time to see you. I should be better about calling, maybe that would help my panick/missing you!Lots of love :)