Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Mermaid Chair & Sammy's Hill

I started Sammy's Hill on my trip to Atlanta. It was pretty funny, I even laughed out loud several times. Sammy is an aide to a politician in DC, who is unlucky in love, a hypochondriac, completely neurotic, an always finds herself in the most unimaginable predicaments. From a racy email being sent to all the wrong people, dealing with a completely high witness who is supposed to appear before the entire congress. Many laughing moments carry you through the political parade as candidates jockey for positions during elections.

Over the Thanksgiving Holiday break I found many morning greeting me with a cup of coffee, my cozy antique chair, and this book. This book was an amazing poetic journey of a woman coming home. ... to take care of her mother, to find herself, to find truths, to find love.

"I felt amazed at the choosing one had to do, over and over, a million times daily -- choosing love, choosing it again, how loving and being in love could be so different." was my favorite quote from the book. It reminded me of how true, and how important, it is in my own marriage. Too many marriages end because those involved don't realize how important their daily choice to love is, to choose love even when you don't feel love.

Learned: Like the ebb and flow of the sea, so is the need to read stirring in my soul.

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