Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Flapper and The Magician

Halloween was more than a fall celebration thsi year, it marked our last soccer game of the fall season. This also meant we were traveling home on All Hallows Eve, and the kids were worried that they would miss out on trick or treating... but it all worked out and we made it with plenty of time for the candy hustling. Per usual, I stayed home and watched football (to avoid the cold) while Brian took the kids out.

For Halloween Madison and her BFF Emma wanted to be 1920 Flapper girls. After trying to find a costume that wasn't cheesy, I opted to just make it. I think it turned out great! The hardest part was how grown up she looked all decked out. The whole family seemed to have issues with this. It is just so hard to believe that she is so grown up. Maddox was a magician this year, he looked adorable! (Wonder how much longer I can use that word to describe him with out him objecting?)

We carved pumpkins at Brian's parents with his sister and niece. This kids always have a great time carving with grandma and grand pa. It helps that there are always cookies and cider to make the event more festive.

Learned: Making Halloween costume turned out to be much easier than I expected, and it turned out much better than a store bought one.

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