Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Trot!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

I just love this holiday because of the yummy food! I always stuff myself way past full, so this year I decided to be proactive. A group of us from school, and my mom, sis-in-law, and our kids all ran or walked in the Turkey Trot; a local 5K to support the fire department. The weather was quite gloomy this morning, it had rained overnight, and was threatening to rain on us during the race. So I bundled the kids up and hit the pavement. There was a pretty good turn out today considering the weather and it is only the 2nd annual. I ran an amazing pace considering I was pushing Maddox, I finished it in 28:20.9 (a 9.07 min/mile pace). I am super happy with my self. Madison walked with Kristen and the baby Tinley.

I saw a bunch of people I knew too! Anne and Katy were there(I run with Anne on Tuesdays, and Katy is in my class and watches Maddox while we run.), as well as Chet who I used to work with. I saw one of my students there too. I ran into an old friend/coworker from the Gene Taylor's era of my life and caught up briefly.

Just as we finished up the race the clouds let loose and began to dump on us. The kids and I were eager to get home and warm up with an hot shower; as well as relax before we headed to the in-laws for the feast!

Here are some pics from the event:

Learned: This was a great way to feel less guilty about all the food I'll eat today, and spend healthy time with friends and family. I hope to make it a Thanksgiving tradition!

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