Monday, April 14, 2008

A Mantra...

My life has been full of "yuck" lately. From stresses at work, to allergies, to sadness at some losses. A teacher across the hall gave me a mantra that she says while meditating, and at first I thought "Great, I don't believe in this stuff." The she said..."Praise God for my life, exactly as it is." The more I have mulled it over and said it, the better I feel. I mean it could be so much worse, my life that is. So I need to praise God for what I have now. Just by doing this it has helped me to focus on the positive things going on in my life; and even see those negative things in a more positive light.

So I learned to Praise God for my life exactly as it is.

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Walker paradise said...

yes being thankfull for what we have is a huge lesson to be learned and then re-learned many times in life, just when I think I learned it, I find myself really un-gratefull and have to take a step back and re-align my spirituality!