Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I registered for the BoulderBoulder! This is a 10K (6.2 miles) race on Memorial Day, and I am so excited to run it. Last year there were 50,000 people running in this race and this year is their 30th anniversary. So there should be plenty of excitement and people. I decided to do this to set a larger goal for myself. I have been coaching Girls on the Run this season and we are training 60 girls for an end of the season 5K on May 3. I typically run 3-4 miles several times a week so I wanted a goal that I would need to work towards a bit more, so why not a 10K? My plan is to continue running 3-4 times a week at least 4 miles and then once a week increase one of my runs by a half mile until I am running 6.5 miles once a week. If I can do that I should be good to run the BoulderBoulder!

Learned? I realized that I would never push myself beyond my comfort zone and run more than 4 miles unless I had to train for a race. Now that I am registered I will have to increase my pace and my distance!


pretendingsanity said...

Thats exciting! I'm working to be ready for the run in May, I should probably register for it huh?

Walker paradise said...

Well you already know....but I think your awesome!!