Monday, June 4, 2012

Ranger "Danger" 12/28/2005- 5/31/12

He is gone.

I dropped him off at the vet early Thursday morning, I thought they would be giving him an IV and breathing treatments.  I thought Brian would come home and pick him up and in a few days he would be back to normal.

I thought wrong and he is gone.

It all happened so fast, it took all of us by surprise. Even the vet was ready to send him home with us (after giving us nebulizer training) to nurse him back to health.  As Brian showed up to bring him home, he was told "I thought I was going to be giving you your dog, instead I have to tell you that he has passed."

We are shocked, he is gone.

En rout to Park City, passing over mountain peaks, I received a call, one I thought would tell me that he had made great improvement, and was coming home.  Instead, I learned of our loss.

In harmony Madison and I wailed in grief, he is gone.

A weekend filled with soccer, gave a decent distraction for the two of us.  Reality crept in with the darkness of night.  I could fold up my sorrow and tuck it away, but knew it was temporary, I'd soon be home and faced with reality.

Our home had a gaping hole, he is gone.

It was cancer that had devastated his lungs, making them unable to fight off the pneumonia.  He wouldn't have made it much longer, and the reality is he only suffered a short time, and we never had to make the decision to let him go.

It was so fast, he is gone.

Brian said how fitting it was, Ranger never did anything small, it was always huge; He'd find the stinkiest mud hole to wallow in, he'd escape from the yard by busting a hole clean through the fence, he didn't chew on toys, he instead chewed the stairs.  The cancer was massive, his death was speedy.

He went big, he is gone.

I didn't say good bye, I didn't think it was the end. But looking back, he knew.  He let me brush him for hours, he let me lay with him and hold him.  He didn't come inside his last night with us, he laid out , in his favorite place under the bush. Had he been able, I think he would have wandered into the wilderness and laid in a stinky mud hole for his final rest.

He knew, he said good bye, and now he is gone.

Ranger, our snow dog,
Snowshoeing 2010

Snowshoeing 2010

Snowshoeing 2010
Just Enjoying the Snow

Ranger, our fluff ball,
Mandison and Ranger at 8 wks

Ranger, our pillow
Could they get more onrey!
Madison's furry pillow.

Ranger our goof ball,
This is MY Spot!
Marti Gras Dog

Ranger our friend.

Trying to Catch fish at Bonita


He may be gone, but his presence was a present.

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