Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gym Day 7

I really need and want to post about our Idaho trip and my 32 birthday, but these posts take up a lot of time! Right now I MUST right down the work out Allison and I did, before I forget... I know it's boring stuff... but hope it will be useful to me later.

We did these 5 exercises 4 times each.

Plea Squat with vertical row (15 lbs)

Dead Lift, clean & Press, squat (I started with 10 lbs in each hand, but Janea made me increase it each time and on the last one made me use the 15 lbs.. sounds wimpy here but it was tough...again, that's why I hired her, she makes me do tough things.)

Lunges with Hammer curls (back lunge, front lung, static dips on each leg with 10 and 12 lbs.)

Tricep push ups with lat row (12 lbs)

ABS/Core:Pilates V-sit crunch and extension followed by Plank.

Learned: I am kinda sad to be finishing up with my trainer, two reasons: its means the end of summer vaca, AND I have to buck up and make myself do these really tough things.

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Danny,Vycci and Kids said...

I have to admit I am looking forward to hearing about Idaho and your birthday, but you are amazing taking on all this work out stuff!