Sunday, April 10, 2011

Jewelry Wall Art

I rarely wear jewelry, I have earrings that I wear 24/7 and my wedding ring. Occasionally I will wear a few pieces that I bought specifically for an outfit. It's not that I don't have other jewelry to wear, I do, its that I just don't think about putting on a necklace, or changing my earrings. I think part of this reason is all the jewelry I own is tucked in boxes inside drawers, and I just forget about it.

A few months ago I saw a neat display of jewelry in a store, it was pinned on plain cork board. Since then I have wanted to do something like that with all mine, I thought if I at least got it out where I could see it, I might actually wear it.

So here is what I did: (the pics are uncharacteristically blurry for my new IPhone..not sure whats up with that)...

This one is my favorite, it has the necklace and earrings I wore for our wedding, and the cuff links and pocket watch Brian wore.

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