Thursday, March 31, 2011

Special CSAP Appearance

Today marks the last day of CSAP testing(YEAH!!!)... and to kick it off with a bang (or should I say "Moo"), we had a surprise new student try to join us:

Yes, this morning Bossy the cow, tried to come and take CSAP with us, and instead of fulfilling her life long dream, her efforts were thwarted by our AP, and thoroughly enjoyed by the whole student body and staff!

Here is what the AP had to say about the situation:

Good Morning,
I want to take this opportunity to dispel some rumors that are widespread throughout MGMS. As we all know rumors can be very damaging to the workplace.
First of all:
1. MGMS will remain the “Gators” we are NOT changing our name to THE MAD COWS!
2. No the cow does not get to attend the CSAP dance, as she has missed the first 5 days of testing.
3. Yes, the cow was attracted to my sport coat, however, I told her that I am happily married.
4. WE are having hamburgers for lunch……………………….
And finally if you were one of the wranglers that helped out with “Bossy” (her real name,)………….. CHECK YOUR SHOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Assistant Principal

What an entertaining way to end the most dreaded time of year..

On another note, and this is a first for me... I actually had a student write "I Hate CSAP!!!" in place of a paragraph this year; afterward proclaiming how they "stuck it to 'the man'".... and how could this test make school any worse, they already had (teacher name) for literacy, and it can't get worse than that... I quickly reminded them that they could end up with that teacher again next year....

Sigh... I am just happy to get back to some semblance of "normal" with my classes.

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