Sunday, February 6, 2011

R.E.S.T. (and an admittance of how shallow I really am)

Well after being a big baby last weekend, Brian drug me to the foot specialist. The good news is I do not have a stress fracture...the bad news is I have tendinitis of the peroneus longus tendon and it takes 3-6 months to heal. There is a small, small, chance I will still be able to run the Moab half marathon and it all depends on my ability to rest for 2 weeks and then runs short, very short, distances gradually building up the miles... as long as there is no pain.

Well that is all fine and dandy except I have this mental issue with no soon as I haven't run for 3 days in a row I instantly gain 10 lbs and my clothes don't fit. So as you can imagine that does wonders for my mental state... then you throw in me not being able to wear high heels during the "rest" period which means I end up wearing jeans and committing a cardinal fashion sin... cute jeans and dressy tops with tennis shoes...blah!


So now, not only am I not running, packing on the mental pounds, getting no stress relief/decompression time, but I am also banned from looking cute! Egats! I hope I can survive another week...of rest.

(Here's to hoping that it's only one more week.)

Oh and its been one week and there is noticible improvement, but still noticible pain...especially by the end of the day.

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