Saturday, February 26, 2011

Future Down Hill Biker

Today while Madison was at a soccer clinic, Maddox and I took a little bike ride along the Audubon Trail. The weather was nothing beautiful, actually rather chilly, windy, and gloomy... but it was a day for making a beautiful memory.

Maddox just started riding his bike with out training wheels a few weeks ago. He was so stubborn about it and just flat out refused to try and learn, so I wasn't sure how far we would make it. Once again this boy surpassed my expectations making it from the Albertson's to connected lakes.

We took lots of stops to "explore" trails that led us deep into the forest, hunting for sticks and snail shells, searching for birds. We played a game from the book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you see? and adapted it for us... Maddox, Maddox, what do you see? I see a tall tree looking at me... Maddox took advantage of every off road section of the trail, even traipsing through the tall winter grasses in search of the vanishing trail.

The best part was his first down hill experience...he was so excited to take his bike on this exclaiming "Wow mom! Did you see that! It was AWESOME!". Pretty soon he will need to tag along with Heather (my teaching teammate and friend) who is an avid down hill-er, since his mom, as Heather commented, is a "sissy".

Afterward we enjoyed a nice warm cup of hot cocoa, and an americano, to thaw us.

Learned? This moment for me was one of those that puts the rest of life into perspective, it truly is the small things that bring the most meaning to life.

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