Thursday, July 1, 2010

Denver Trip: Just the Kids and I

This past weekend the kids went on a spur of the moment trip to Denver. (Brian had to work.) We headed over Saturday morning and stayed with my brother and his wife. My mom and Dan were there too so it was a nice little family gathering.

We pulled into town just in time to watch the last little bit of the USA World Cup game (they lost in overtime 2 to 1). Then we all went separate ways... Mom and Dan took Maddox and Tenley to the Bass Pro Shop (they had a BLAST driving boats and seeing the fish and animals). Nate, Drew, and Madison went golfing, leaving Kristen Tessa, and I to go shopping!!!

Sunday we all got up and went to church, then home for naps, and finally to the best place on Earth (not really be we love going here) REI down town. I love REI, and this site is amazing in an old train ware house right off the Platt river. We got to watch a bunch of people tubing and playing in the river too.

Monday the kids and I headed to Vycci's and then off to the zoo. We were at the zoo from 10:00 till 3:30, and all the kids did great, even Esaias who is now two months old! The kids had their fill of fun including snow conesAfrican drumming...coaxing an elephant into the water... and posing for our special zoo picture.

This Dragon happens to be named Castor... though spelled differently than ours we took a minute to pose for a family picture.

After the zoo we went to Vycci's sisters and the kids swam for an hour then loaded up again and headed to a birthday party at the park. All the kids did incredibly well, at least until 8:30 when it all caught up with Maddox...

It turned out to be a great trip and it was (and always is) great to see my family and Vycci and her family.

Learned:a day of non stop go!go!go! combined with TOO much sugar, makes for one hard crash, rendering a 4 year old unreasonable...

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