Monday, June 9, 2008

Potty Training

Earlier I talked about Maddox being ready to potty train for the last few months, but with me working I just couldn't be consistent enough. So now that I am on break I decided to tackle the big mile stone!

We began toilet training one week ago today. I must say that it has been going very well. I think that Maddox was ready because he will not wear a diaper now. Sometimes I can convince him to wear one at nap time, others not so much. But when he is not wearing a diaper during his nap, he doesn't have a huge accident, he starts to go then wakes up and stops and tells me he needs to go and his unders are barely wet. The only reason I want a diaper on him at nap time is because he will nap for 2 to 2 1/2 hours with one, and only 1 hour with out one on. We have had several outings in the last week including McDonald's play place, friends houses, and the mall, and he had no public accidents! He has only had 2 accidents at home.

Part of the success is he gets to wear big boy undies just like his dads! (He wants to be just like his dad, and do everything he does.) He is so proud of himself, and is even acting more grown up just by being able to potty like a big boy!

I know that he is not completely potty trained, and I am sure there are more bumps in the road ahead, but it has been a successful first week.


Learned? My boy is growing up way too fast, but this is one "growing up" step that I am anxious to complete.

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