Friday, June 20, 2008

Mr. Sand Man and his side kick Sandy Dog

Now that it is light later in the evenings, and a reasonable temperature, I can hardly keep Maddox in doors. His favorite place to be is his sand box. He pulls out all his dump trucks and loaders. Our dog Ranger is a good watch dog, and insists to be outside with him. He lays in the sand box, and allows Maddox to dump sand all over him. Such good boys....

Then, as Brian and I were watching TV, Ranger comes in, accompanied with the sound of sand falling off him onto our wood floor. THen preceeds to the carpet and as if in slow motion, he shakes his body, just as he would to shake water off. Brain (still in slow motion) says NOOOOOO! but it was too late.... I look up just in time to see a dust cloud, one that would rival that of Pig Pen's on Charlie Brown, encompassing the dog.

I have spent the last 20 minutes vacuuming sand out of the carpet, and sweeping up the sand off the wood floor (I got a whole dust pan full).

Learned? A sand box 3 feet from our back door seemed like a good idea for a 1st birthday present at the time, now... not so much. There needs to be substantial distance between a sand box and any entrance into a house.

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