Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Pain In My Hip Is Ruining My Life

Late September, maybe early October, I experienced a slight spill down a steep hill.  The pain was instant and debilitating but short lived therefor, I believed the issue had been resolved. 

On my next long run, in preparation for the Rock and Roll Half Marathon in Denver, my hip flexor began to yell at me. . . It has been yelling ever since. For almost SIX weeks I have been on the injured reserve, nursing this nagging hip.  Around the clock anti-inflammatory, low load-baring stretches, and of course no running.

I tried my best to NOT run, but at two weeks out I thought maybe, just maybe, I could go low and slow... nope. It was still yelling.  An additional 4 weeks later with a few attempts at running and my hip was no better.

So I've gone 6 weeks with out a real run under my belt, I missed the Half Marathon, and I feel like my girth is ballooning.  Typically I would find some other way to exercise, but what can you do that doesn't involve your hip flexor?? 

Running for me is partially for the exercise and physical health benefits.   Mostly I run because it keeps me sane; when I run, I can better deal with the daily stresses. When I run, I get my much needed social time with my friend Anne. 

I've been with out the benefits of running for too long and it is taking its toll, not just on me but on my friendships, my family, and my work.  I finally made an appointment to get adjusted by my chiropractor.  I like this option as a first resort as it is non-surgical.

It turns out that little spill down the hill tweaked my hip in its socket.  It turns out that pain in my foot that I've been ignoring since summer was an out of place bone in my arch.  My chiropractor got it all back in line and I immediately felt improved, not restored, but improved

Maybe, just maybe, I'll be hitting the road regularly again soon.  Then, maybe this emotional storm I seem to be in the midst of will calm as well.

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