Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Next Half

I have officially registered! I've been walking the line of non commitment for a while now, and it is really only hurting my miles.  So in an effort to take running a bit more seriously (and get my booty out of bed every morning) I crossed the line to committed and will be running my next 13.1 miles from Georgetown to Idaho Springs on August 11, 2012!

I'm actually really excited for this race.  I am feeling really good, no major ailment  - well maybe a inkling of a twinge in my hip flexor - but the stronger I get the less its bugging me.  My last half was my pr  of 2:00:56, so my goal for this half is to run it in 2:05:00 or less. (Secretly I would love to see a 1 as the first number there, but if I told anybody else that, and then didn't accomplish it, I would feel like a failure)  Plus, I think a 2:05 is a great time and completely reasonable.  There are just too many factors and variables that play into my race day success, and I just don't have it down to a science, yet - or maybe even never - and I am completely ok with that.

Training is currently on track, but man is it difficult to squeeze in considering my running buddy is gone on vacation, followed by my trip to Idaho later this month.  This leaves us to run alone for most of the week, and somehow find time to run our long runs in the overlaps of our schedule. Anne hasn't registered, though she is leaving the possibility open. 

Christie is also running, and we have a really great girls weekend in store OR a nice couples retreat in store depending on how things shape up as we approach the date.

So here's to another great half!

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