Sunday, August 10, 2008

"I need a fan."

Maddox has been totally consumed with baseball. That is all he wants to do. While I was in Vegas (which I will post about soon, until then check out my friend Vycci's sight to hear a bit about it)Brian said it was all he would do all day long, catch and bat and throw. Even everything he said was "baseball" this and "baseball" that!

So today he gave me a good laugh. I have been consumed with a new reading series (which I want to post a bout soon), but as I was reading I was interrupted with Maddox's very matter of fact request "I need a fan." When I asked for clarification, he proceeded to tell me that he was playing baseball and wanted mommy to watch, again saying he needed a fan.

So of course I put the book down, and became my sons greatest fan!

Learned? I will always be my boys biggest fan, even if he chooses baseball over football -- I was hoping for the next Peyton Manning! ;) he he he...

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Walker paradise said...

he is sooo stinkin cute! well I will submit to the mt with you if you want before winter!!