Sunday, March 30, 2014

Breakfast Acorn Squash- Pinterest Success

B took several days off during our spring break to knock out some lingering remodel and repair projects- so I turned to Pinterest to come up with some hearty breakfasts and scrumptious dinners.  This morning we started with a paleo recipe for a stuffed acorn squash from

I've never cooked with- nor eaten- acorn squash, so I had no idea of the flavor that it would produce. I was delightfully surprised by its mild sweet and buttery flavor.  The sausage onions and garlic were a great savory flavor with the squash. For the last few minutes of the baking time I turned the oven to broil so the egg wouldn't be slimy on top.  B's egg turned out almost perfect with a nice silky egg yolk, mine ended up overdone for my taste, but the entire meal tasted great together so the overdone egg didn't ruin it.  

The whole process wat a bit time consuming for a breakfast, but I would definitely make this on another weekend or special occasion, 

I think if my kids hadn't seem me preparing the squash I could have slipped them this breakfast and they wouldn't have turned their noses up at it, in fact I think they would have actually liked it. 

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