Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fall Festivities

Celebrating the fact that soccer is over for the season (don't worry, winter trainings will start up soon an reclaim soccer's prominent time commitment in our lives) and Maddox is in a lull between flag football and wrestling, we decided to spend our Monday evening enjoying the beautiful fall weather by getting lost in a local corn maze.

Studt's is much more than just a corn maze, and has so many activities that kept us all  entertained until the twilight hour fell.   From a petting zoo with vocal piggies (my favorite), baby goats (Madison's favorite), skittish alpacas (B's favorite)and the Thanksgiving Turkey fattening itself in preparation for next months feast (Maddox's favorite)   ,
to GIGANTIC air trampolines,
 and even a hay bail tower with a massive slide

- getting lost in the maze soon became the side attraction!

Once in the maze we stuck together for a while, but being the competitive family we are we split off into teams with the challenge being the first to find our way out. 

B and Madison hurried off in one direction wile the boy and I ran in another.  Maddox was so intent on winning that he just took off in the lead; I finally had to tell him that mommy would break her ankle if we kept running over the furrowed field at our current pace.  His panic set in when I received a text from B and Madison saying they have made their way out.  I finally had to tell him that I appreciated his competitive nature, and wanted him to always try his best and want to win, but right now he was so worried about winning (loosing) that he was making a fun activity not so fun.  (I am sure this is a conversation I will have on a regular basis with him.) He pulled it together, and didn't even complain to his dad and sister when we made our own way out of the stalks a few short minutes later.

Before leaving we made sure to have some fun pumpkin head photo ops...

And my favorite photo of the evening...

As we headed out of the parking lot the harvest moon rose above the bookcliffs, providing a picturesque ending to a fabulous fall evening.

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Danny,Vycci and Kids said...

sounds like a night of good fun!