Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Who Has Time For This??

Apparently, not me.... I have so much that I want to record and share but life is so crazy hectic right now and I just can't find the time to do all of these post justice.  I'll settle for tidbits and maybe get to pictures and full posts later.

Soccer (aka: DRAMA!! )Madison's soccer club/team has undergone some major changes and there is major drama.  We've had coaching changes, girls leaving for another club, coaches turning it into an allegiance issue rather than allowing families to do what is best for them... it's a crazy mess (and for once the Casters are not at the center of it)  The season was finished with a great record and we will be moving up a level in the competitive CYS league.  We will have (another) new, very young, coach to begin next season, and Madison still has doubts about her decision to stay with her current team.  We played in the local GMIT tournament and Madison got a goal, her first in YEARS!  

Maddox: he is a major rule follower... his teacher instructed the class to wear clothes over their swim suits to school for water day.  I know this was intended for the little girls, so they wouldn't be in their little bikinis all day, but Maddox would not, could not, be convinced other wise.  In the end it was easier to give in and allow him to wear his clothes over his swim shorts and rash guard... he looked atrocious! (I'll post a pic when I get a chance.)

10 and 40:  Brian and I just celebrated our 10th anniversary, (he got a AR 15, I got diamond earrings). Two days later we hosted a party to celebrate his parents 40th anniversary.  I can hardly believe it's been ten years.  When I think of how little Madison was it seems like forever ago, but it went so fast.

The school year is winding down, and there is always anxiety about changes for the upcoming year. This year is no different, it is even worse than normal as there are more budget cuts, and the district continues to make decision behind closed doors with the best interest of administration rather than students and the ones that are closest to them.  I do know that I have a job next year, I do know that I will get a bit of a raise (step and lane)... but at what cost to my coworkers who may or may not have jobs next yea? (I could rant for quite a while on this...)

The end of the year brings mixed feelings for me, I am so happy to be done and just get to be a mom for the next few months, but saying good bye to my 8th graders this year is tough.  We had a great day at the pool party, they literally blew my socks off at the spring fling music concert last night, and for the next two days we get to just play, reflect, and have fun together.  This group of kids has something special, and it is sad to see them go, but also so exciting to see them off on their next chapter.  I can't wait to see the amazing things they accomplish!

I started reading a new series a few weeks ago and am just finishing it... I'll have to post my review via Goodreads soon. I have a huge stack of books I commandeered from my teammates library for the summer, plus some new ones on the Nook, AND a few that I want to re-read. 

I'm headed to Idaho this summer for a week long education conference.  I am really looking forward to this time... in more ways than one!  A week of being responsible for only myself, as well as getting into so really great courses and walking away with an additional 4 credits!  This should give me enough for my GT certification!  After this I think I'll take a break from graduate courses for awhile, at least until after my masters degree is paid off.

Maddox had his 6th birthday, it seemed to span several weeks as we were in Denver the day of his birthday, and had a family party before and a huge friend party after.  He was spoiled rotten (of course) with a trip to the Denver Aquarium and to see the Avengers while in D-town.  Then a HUGE birthday bash at the park with a ton of friends.

Just this took me over a half an hour to whip up, and it is shallow, surface level, poorly written, and doesn't even include pictures.  Maybe next week I'll be able to blog again... oh wait... .I've got a two day class, followed by a soccer tournament, followed by two weeks of teaching summer school... dang!

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