Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Distant Hours

I am really impressed with Kate Morton's ability to weave an intriguing tale of mystery that spans several generations. The fluidity with which she moves between past and present makes for an enjoyable rather than difficult read. Though I liked The Forgotten Garden better, I was not disappointed in this in the least. The fact that it took place (partly) during the 2nd world war was intriguing, this time period fascinates me. I also love the setting of a castle in the English country side. She portrays the strength of family, what one would do to hold a family together with great emotion. I loved each of the unique, strong characters created. They were vivid in my imagination from their mannerisms and style to their moods and personality.

I am not one for thrillers, or bloody mysteries, so Morton’s languid style of mystery appeals to me; I desire to keep reading to know her characters more, to follow the thread that unravels the truth in the end.

My only dislike, the end was to neatly wrapped up, too forced into coming full circle in all aspects. Though dislike is too strong a word for how I really feel this because I typically want a nice neat ending, but it just felt a bit too contrived.

Goodreads Review 3 Stars

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