Monday, May 16, 2011

Maddox's (two week long) 5th Birthday

Maddox got completely spoiled this year for his birthday. I have wanted to write about it for a while but am so completely here is the abridged version:

Monday May 2: Birthday dinner with Grandma Polly... My mom was going to be out of town for the family party, so she had us over for dinner and treats. Maddox got a scuba set from them and had to try it out immediately that evening.

Thursday/Friday May 5/6: Crushed Plans = Crushed Boy...I happened to be off Friday, Maddox's birthday, and Madison had 2 soccer games scheduled that weekend in Denver so the kids and I planned to head to the Denver Zoo for his birthday (Brian had to work). Like all well laid plans, something thwarted them...and in our case it was a nasty ear infection that struck Maddox screaming at 11:30 that night until 9:30 the next morning when we finally got medicine in him. The Dr. was so nice she gave Maddox a toy for his birthday, "no one should be sick on their birthday!" That night we had a small celebration with a DQ ice cream cake, and he got his new bike... since it was his birthday.

Sat-Sun May 7th and 8th Denver....We postponed the trip over the mountains 24 hours an headed out early the next morning. Made it to Madison's first game of the weekend, then headed to the zoo. Maddox was so excited to go and it turned out to be a great time, though very busy. The elephants gave us a great water show, spraying water all about. The lion got up and walked right up to Maddox and he about came out of his pants! The polar bear also put on a show playing quite rambunctiously with his toys.

Saturday May 14 Going Bananas!!! The culminating event for Maddox's birthday(s) was a freind trip full of arcade games and lazer tag. He had a blast! Malia hit the ticket jackpot winning 1000 tickets. Madison had two of her friends join in the fun and they were all a big help with the younger ones, making the party no stress easy for me!

I think we have drawn a close to the ongoing birthday celebration for the boy. I can hardly believe that he is 5, he has brought so much joy, excitement, and laughter to our lives... there is truly never a dull moment with him around.

Learned: Sometimes as parents we want to do what ever will make our kids happy, but if we do it will be miserable for all... (he so wanted to still go to the zoo but if we had he would have been a wreck), it is better to be wise... bringing more joy in the end.

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