Monday, May 16, 2011

The Graduate in the Blue Dress

Maddox had his Pre-School graduation last Wednesday (5/11). It really was a great evening. Maddox was so excited he could hardly sit still; asking for hours when he could wear the blue dress! So here it is...
It was so enlightening to see Maddox with his peers. He is well liked, as evident by the constant chiming of his name "Maddox! Sit by me." "Maddox!" "Maddox!" He is such a charmer, all the little girls were coming up to him showing him their new dresses, and chasing him around...thankfully he is pretty oblivious to all that female attention. Learned: As I ironed his "blue dress" I couldn't help picture me in the future ironing his HS graduation gown, remembering this moment as if it were only yesterday.


Polly said...

How true what your learned is!

Danny,Vycci and Kids said...

Congrats to you and Maddox! I loved listening to your little laugh in the background. Isn't being a mom the most amazing and emotional journey or should I say roller coaster?!