Sunday, January 30, 2011

Riding a Bike

Another milestone had just been set in our home...Maddox learned to ride his bike! It all started on a sunny afternoon. The kids and I had just returned from a long day at work and the sun was shining, so we decided to take advantage of the above freezing temps and get some natural Vitamin D. After taking batting practice and playing catch, Maddox turned to his scooter, doing jumps and tricks up and down the driveway. He had such great balance I didn't see why he shouldn't be able to ride his bike (besides just being stubborn!). When I told him this he got that nervous excited look accompanied with a giggle, and said he would give it a try. Low and behold he was off by himself. He was so proud of this new skill, that he immediately wanted to go on a long bike ride with dad. He took it rather hard and didn't quite understand why he wasn't ready, he still couldn't start by himself.

Just yesterday he attempted day two of the riding lessons, this time with dad while I was out for my run. I came home to the boys circling the street and Maddox tearing up the street, complete with skidding and starting by himself.

I'd say he is ready for our first family bike ride!

Learned: The power of your mind is much stronger than we believe. Maddox has been coordinated and strong enough to ride with out training wheels for at least a year, but had it in his head that he couldn't do it, but as soon as his mind set changed, he couldn't be held back.

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