Sunday, January 2, 2011

Merry Christmas 2010

This Christmas has been the most enjoyable one I have had in a long time. It started with a fabulous get together with my friends Ari and Anne and our families.
We enjoyed delicious appetizers, beverages (Anne's Champagne Punch), and a limousine tour of the Christmas lights around town. All the kids were so impressed with the limo, drinking cola and seeing the lights.

Brian and I enjoyed our first Christmas morning with just the kids and no where to be until after noon. For me this was the best gift of the year, relaxing in pjs and getting to stay home and let the kids play with their loot. I have never had a Christmas where I got to do that...making this extra special.

The theme of gifts in our house this year seemed to be winter activities. Brian, who got skis for his birthday, received all his skiing accessories; Madison got skis and boots; Maddox got snow shoes; the kids both got sleds; and I got a new ski/snow outfit. So of course we used a few days of the break to go enjoy the new gear. We took the kids to Sunlight for a fantastic day of skiing... Madison has become quite the skier, and Maddox is on his way to becoming the next Super G gold medalist (I knew those tree trunk legs would serve their purpose). We also headed up to the Mesa for an afternoon of snowshoeing and sledding. We were fortunate that both days were beautiful.

I also got an amazing gift from Carrie an Rob... a signed picture from Peyton!!! (ok, it isn't like he actually sat down and wrote the message himself and signed it...but I can pretend....right?) It was pretty funny when I was opening it, the room of family stopped and watched me, there were cameras flashing, and unknown to me, Rob was filming my reaction... In summary I seem to have given them all the reaction they hoped for!

It is an annual tradition for Carrie and Rob to take Madison to the cabin between Christmas and New Years, and this year they took Maddox too. I was invited, but the lure of 3 1/2 days completely to myself was just too great! Instead I braved the snowy roads loaded up on books as well as supplies to pain my room.
(Last year I bought a new bed spread, but it totally clashed with my dark blue walls, ever since I have been waiting patiently to steal away some time and paint.) I must say that these three days have been a pure slice of heaven! I got the room painted and put back together in one day..

I still need to find some decorative pieces to adorn the walls and windows...I finished one book and started another, I got all the laundry done, managed to get in a long run on the tread mill, uploaded pictures to flikr, blogged, and watched a few movies. Brian had to work the New Years holiday, but was home early every day. We got to spend some much needed time together. We went to the movies (saw The Fighter... loved it) and went to sushi with Jim and Allison. I have truly enjoyed these days to myself, but am glad to be seeing my kiddos later today.

Learned: I am just a few short hours away from returning to the real world of work; it has been pure bliss enjoying this holiday with my friends, family, self. I am so thankful to have received these gifts of time.

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Danny,Vycci and Kids said...

I am so glad that you got some down time. I was very happy with my break, but as you know with a new baby, we, Danny and I. don't always get time alone. We will again. It sounds like it was a very merry Christmas. I hope we get to see you soon!