Sunday, January 9, 2011

Garden Spells & Matched

On my 4 days of uninterrupted "me" time at New Years, I indulged in a wonderful read...
When the wild, free spirited sister returns home, the Waverley's are forced to confront their abandoned relationship and examine who they truly are. Garden Spells was a beautiful story of finding your way home, embracing your unique gifts, and being proud of your heritage... wrapped with garden magic. I loved this enchanting story of two sisters who find their strength in each other and what it means to be be a Waverly.

Said to be the next great series to follow The Hunger Games, I of course had to read it. Set in a Utopian society where everything is perfect; meals and nutrients perfectly configured for each citizen, placement in the perfect job, provided the perfect amount of leisure to work ratio, matched with the perfect mate- the one you are most likely live happily with and have the strongest healthiest children, one girl discovers the glaring reality that the carefully constructed world around her is anything but perfect... In her efforts to break free and make her own choices, will she find herself once again a pawn in the statistical game of society.

As I read I really liked the book, though I didn't feel hooked and completely captivated by the story until the very end.... as the pages got fewer and fewer, the story got more intense, now that it is over (or just beginning)... I am left in the limbo of this fictional world awaiting the next in the series.....

This book really made me consider the censorship that occurs around us, the choices and freedoms that we have and don't have... and the power we unknowingly give to "society" because we assume they have our best interest in mind.

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