Saturday, December 18, 2010

First Wrestling Tournament

Last weekend Maddox had his first wrestling tournament. I really had no idea what to expect from him. He is so competitive and plays so rough with his dad, but seems a bit timid during practices. Brian kept assuring me that as soon as he got to wrestle kids his age/size, he would get the hang of it.

As we headed to PHS, Maddox was a nervous ball of energy. He was restless and tense, complete with a nervous laugh... it was a good thing he was contained in a car seat or he would have been bouncing off the roof of the car. He stayed pretty nervous even after we arrived, but dad finally got him to loosen up by wrestling around with him on the mats for warm up.

Watching his first match was probably one of my favorite mother-son moments so far. He smile the whole time and listened to his dad and coach so well. A stranger even commented "He sure knows his mom is watching him!" It didn't take long for Maddox to put to use the moves he had been learning the past few weeks at practice. He scored quite a few points, and in the end pinned his opponent. Not too bad for his first match!

And just as dad had predicted, he was hooked!

He lost his second match to his team mate and friend Cole, then won his third match against the first guy he pinned, and ended up with 2nd place.

On the way home we asked him if he wanted to wrestle in one more tournament this year, and he said "No.... I want to wrestle in ALL of them." He talked non-stop for at least the next week about the tournament and his first pin.

Learned: This is the official beginning to my new job...being my son's biggest fan.

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Danny,Vycci and Kids said...

Fun! You and my sister should talk. Lafai has wrestled 2 years now I think. And it definitely a new adventure for all of them. Lafai says that he is trying to win a trophy bigger than himself. When my sister told him that they didn't give trophies like that until districts...he set his goal high. We'll see. So far he's doing great.