Monday, May 31, 2010

Water For Elephants

Come one! Come all! Come to the most spectacular show on Earth the Benzini Brothers Circus!!! Ok... well maybe not all should read this book (I am thinking of my daughter here... it is perfectly suitable for adults to enjoy).

Cracking open the circus themed cover I was swept away to a time of intrigue and mystery. Set during the depression you get an exciting glimpse into this corner of true Americana riding the train cars, setting up tents, meeting the animals and the secretive members of the circus. The author, Sara Gruen, does an amazing job of intertwining the folklore, tales, and facts that make up the history of the circus.

Usually when an author opens with the end and then spend the rest of the story explaining that final event, I feel jipped, like I already know what happens. (Now when I read the last sentence or paragraph of a book before I start that is different... I choose that)... When Gruen started with the end, I once again felt jipped, but soon forgot these feelings and enjoyed my time in the circus. Then when the end came, it was as if the vale was lifted, the windows were cleaned, and I was amazed at the BRILLIANCE of her writing, and how even knowing the end at the beginning you really didn't!

It was a great read, thoroughly entertaining!

Learned: Behind the laughs, the Cracker Jacks, and cotton candy, the circus was a cut-throat business... !

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