Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Weekend

When I think of Memorial Day, I think of baseball and BBQ... maybe because I have grown up with the JUCO World Series kicking off on this particular holiday. This year was no different; our town welcomed Junior College baseball players and their families, but it has been years since I have attended the festivities.

Instead I started my Memorial weekend with a dose of torture... running Serpents Trail for the first time of the season. We have quite a group joining us this year... of course there are the original 3: Jan, Anne, and I, and joining us: Ari, Kelly, and Lisa...all who we know through soccer, and Anne and Lisa's daughters Katy and Cruz. It is quite fun having all of us there together(if you don't count the intense burning in your buns and lungs for the 2 mile straight up climb). I of course did not make it even half way up with out stopping, but Ari and I continued up at a very brisk pace to the summit, then sprinted down, and headed up a second time. It literally kicked my booty...I have changed my after run recovery drink to something lower in calories but still high in protein so I hope to see some results this year! It is two days later and I am still WAY sore so that is a good sign...

Here are Ari and I at the top the first time... It was quite windy!

After a short rest and a shower, I packed up the kids and headed to the cabin, sadly Brian had to work. We had a great time at the cabin with Brian's family just playing and BBQ-ing, Boating, and Fishing. I even caught the first and largest fish of the weekend! Maddox and I came home Sunday evening, and Madison stayed for one more night having some time with Auntie and the grand parents.

This morning, Memorial Day, Maddox and I cut some flowers and rode our bikes to my Grandma's house; her (81st) birthday was Saturday. Then we headed home, played on the slip and slide, and had a BBQ with Allison and Jim and their kids. It has been forever since we all got together, and it was so nice to see them! We joke, but really it is kinda true, that I can only be friends with Allison during the summer when I am not working... funny...sad...but true.... So we have to fit in a lot of friendship in just a few weeks!

I had a great weekend, but was brought to tears when reminded of the real reason we even have this holiday... A friend from high school had an amazing Memorial Day weekend when she and her kids got to welcome their husband/dad home... his is in the Navy and has been gone for quite a while... so I'll leave you with this touching reminder of what our military sacrifices while we all BBQ and watch baseball...Thank you TJ and Melissa, and the rest of our military families!

Learned: A great weekend with friends and family, complete with a sobering reminder and being thankful for our military and their families... that they sacrifice time from their families, so I can have time with mine.

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