Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Busted Eyebrow

Today after leaving a stressful and upsetting meeting, our school secretary came into my room and told me I had an URGENT call from Maddox's school...

"Hi Brooke, this is Angela from Maddox's school. We have Maddox in the office, he got hit in the head with a rock. We got the bleeding to stop but we have a paramedic [this is when panicked, the split second between these two words I thought they had called the ambulance] who works here and she thinks he should go get stitches."

So I headed off to the pick him and and take the head wound to get looked at. Amazingly I didn't panic! When I got to the school he was sitting in the office and just sitting patiently. He greeted me by stating (rather matter of factly) "Mom I got a busted head." I couldn't help but giggle!

On the way to the Dr.'s Maddox and I discussed why dad and I keep telling him to quick throwing rocks... I think he gets it now...

When we got to the Dr.'s the were all ready for us and got him cleaned up. The nurse asked him if he cried, and he just looked at her and said "No, I'm 4!" Another chuckle could not be stifled from me or the nurse.

After cleaning and discussing the options the Dr. thought we could mend the wound with glue. Maddox was so brave and calm the whole time, until we had to remove the gloves that had gotten stuck to his head in the gluing process, even then he only whimpered.

He was really interested in seeing what was happening to him so I would take pictures and show him the progress. So here it is for us to enjoy too!

When I asked him about the whole event, he had a great story that I just can't write like he says it, but it is too dang cute! It includes playing freeze tag where you freeze when you get hit with a rock, and he was busy being a statue when the rock came flying through the air! He thinks the worst part of it all is that he can't rough house for a WHOLE WEEK!!!

Learned: It really ended up bee much less traumatic than I had expected when I received the call. I am just happy that he is ok and has a good attitude about it.

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Danny,Vycci and Kids said...

So glad he's okay. I know how those Dr. visit's go. Good job Maddox being brave.