Thursday, December 17, 2009

Who Said What?

Conversation 1:

"I want to go to school"
No, you can't go to school"
Crying by person 1..."But I WANT to go, I miss school!"
"I am sorry, you still have a fever, you can't go to school."

Conversation 2:

"Can I watch what I want tonight?"
"No, I am watching football tonight."
"But I never get to watch what I want..."
"Sorry, but the Colts are on, and I am watching football."

So who said what in each conversation? Make a guess before you scroll down.

Conversation 1: Between Maddox and I. Maddox wanted to go to school so bad. He had stayed home sick on Monday, and by Wednesday he was still not better, so much to his disappointment I made him stay home. The whole time I was having this argument with him I couldn't help but wonder when the roles in this would be reversed?

Conversation 2: Again Maddox and I... I was struck by the oddity of this conversation; how typically the dad is the one laying claim to the TV during sports, yet here I banning anyone from the living room that just might distract me from my Colts.

Learned? To cherish the moments when my children beg to go to school, and how fortunate my husband and son are that I love football.

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Danny,Vycci and Kids said...

I'm glad Maddox loves school! Hopefully that will hold true for a few years. And as far as the football...I should remind my husband how lucky he is. Here's to a nice long winter break! I am assuming your out now? Love,ME