Tuesday, December 8, 2009

First Snow Day 2009

Today we were blessed with over 6 inches of snow, and school was canceled! Of course I didn't get to sleep in because the district didn't cancel school till after 5:30, and I get up and start getting ready at about 5. So after I was fully awake I received a call from Santa Clause, wondering if I was a good girl (my AP Mick), and of course I have been, so he gave me the day off!

Maddox was also up early because he doesn't know how to sleep in past 6, and it took every trick in the book to keep him in doors till at least it was light outside. As soon as I could see the first morning light, I decided to give in thinking it would just be easier to bundle him up and go outside and he could see for himself how cold and windy it was and would want to come inside....after shoveling our driveway as well as two other neighbors, he finally got cold and decided to go in. (my ploy backfired again.)

Then we gathered up our winter gear and headed down the road to our friends the Turner's. The kids all enjoyed the snow outside while Summer and I enjoyed hot coffee a crackling fire and Pride and Prejudice! The perfect snow day activity!

I was so busy enjoying the day off that I did not click any pictures. But the snow is drifted up against the back doors, and piled at least a foot high on the grill. In our drive way the snow also drifted into a huge pile at least 2 feet high. The main roads are snowy/slushy, and our little street if is still snow packed.

Brian was the only one that had to go to work today; I was worried because he has a 45 minute trek on the interstate to get to and from work. Thankfully he is home safe!

Now the living room is filled with the glow of the Christmas Tree lights, the smell of dinner is wafting from the kitchen, my family is warm and safe and ready to snuggle in for the night....

Good night to a perfect snow day....

Learned: Today was priceless...(though picture-less).

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