Thursday, December 17, 2009

Book Nightmares

I just started reading Adam by Ted Dekker. The first night after reading it I was disturbed by nightmares the whole night. So I went to Shelfari to read the review of others that have read it and they all had one thing in common... Thriller, Scary, but they loved it.

Now I am one that does not do well with scary movies... (I hid my eye through a lot of Signs, and had to wake Brian by running into bed with all of the lights on after watching The Mummy - it was the bugs... AND had to turn every light on to go to the bathroom at night for 2 years - not exaggerating- after watching The Grudge)... So I am not sure that I can handle the scary-ness of this book.

BUT...there were so many comments saying how they loved the book and thought it was one of Dekker's best... So I will do my best to read it and not freak myself out. Maybe I will just avoid reading it before bed.

Learned? Sometimes even our favorite authors books need to be researched...

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