Monday, December 21, 2009


I am glad that I finished reading this one. I actually only had nightmares after the first night reading it. The book starts off with the story of two children being kidnapped. Then goes into the serial killers next victim. This was by far the scariest part for me. My nightmares centered around child abduction.

This story follows Daniel, an FBI agent/behavioral psychologist, who despite 16 victim's and 16 months of pursuing the killer, is at a stand still. When finally they find their first live victim and they thing they have their first major lead. Their victory is short lived when the serial killer, known only as Eve, stops them dead in their tracks with a bullet to Daniel's head and reclaims his victim.

After his partner refuses to give up resuscitation efforts, he is brought back to life. Now Daniel's efforts are renewed and refueled to find the killer. This fire only intensifies when Eve claims his next victim, Daniel's wife. When the truth of what motivates Eve is revealed it may be too late for Daniel.

This book alternates between the story of the abducted children and the story of the killer, ultimately intertwining the two. From the reviews of others it got increasingly scary, I found it increasingly suspenseful. A tale exploring the extent of the power of evil and darkness in our world, and the power of choice, the ease of deception....demon possession. Ted Dekker, once again, did not disappoint!

Learned: Guard your hear, keep it soft to hear God's voice, to be able to listen to your conscience. Most evil does not appear in a moment, but over many moments each of which callus your heart to the point where you don't feel the "wrong" any more. But you always have a choice.

Note: This is my firs library book... I have this phobia of reading library books. The thought that many strangers hands and germs are all over the pages creep me out, but I decided I needed to get over it, and it really wasn't too bad. Think I'll go and get another book today.

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