Monday, October 12, 2009

Hope on the Horizon

I went for a run this morning, just a short 3 mile one, but let me tell you it felt great! There was no pain! Afterwards I iced and took anti-inflamitories, then tonight I had another session of massage therapy then iced again. I am hoping to get two more short runs in followed by more icing.

With my spirits perked, I ventured out to buy a new running top for the race. There is limited selection around town but I found a bright plum colored long sleeve Nike shirt. Then when I got home I hit the jackpot at an outlet store and got three other tops for less than $100 total! All of them are solid colors, I was really hoping for some cool prints but with a limited time these will do!

So with the wind back in my newly adorned sails, I am sailing towards hope on the horizon!

Learned? As painful as resting is/was for my whole being, I guess it was what's best.

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