Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Silly Things He Says

This morning I was given my own comedy show from Maddox...

First he wakes up early and crawls in bed with me about 10 minutes before my alarm was to go off. When I got up I told him to snuggle in with my pillows. About 5 minutes later he walks in all pout "Mom! I don't like to snuggle pillows, I like to snuggle mom and dad!"

Then as I was getting dressed he comes up to me with googly eyes, like a kid in a candy store, and tries to grab by b@@bs, after being denied he says, "Awe, come on I'll let you touch mine if I can touch yours!" ALREADY at 3 he has that line down!!!

There were three things this morning that he said and did that cracked me up, but in typical fashion I can't remember the third.... I'll post it when I remember.

AHHH! I remembered!!! Maddox loves reading before bed each night, and right now he is liking this book by a local author, Wendy Sylvano, titled "Just One More!" It is about a bus in South America where there are just too many poeple on it, and they keep coming abord with all sorts of belongings. The driver keeps hollering "Just One More!" and they keep packing on the bus. So Maddox was throwing away something in the morning, and I told him the bathroom trash was too full. He looked at me and hollered "Just One More!" then laughed and said just like my book mom!

Learned: Boys are boys, and they will be boys, there is just no changing that fact!

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