Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Significant Investment

WARNING: What you are about to read deals with the perils of being an up-kept woman, if you are not prepared to read about "sensitive" woman issues, cease and abort now!

I am serious... you may not want to know the following about me... so just consider yourself warned!

Last Chance!

Today I started the first of several visits towards permanent hair removal (reduction according to the professionals because they can't guarantee permanent).

It all started last week when a friend went to get a Brazilian wax and I thought I would brave it, but I didn't (for other reasons). So I had planned to go yesterday and drag along my good friend pretendingsanity. After telling my mother about what I was about to do she suggested ("DON'T TORTURE YOUR SELF WITH THAT...") I look into laser hair removal (reduction). So I did, and found that it would be well worth the time and money (even though it is quite expensive) to go that rout as opposed to waxing. My main reason is I can still shave between treatments and don't have to have a certain amount of regrowth as you do in waxing, and I HATE shaving and how short term it is.

I was quite nervous, but that didn't last long as the lady was super personable. When it started it was a bit uncomfortable, and got more intense as we covered more sensitive areas, but it was never unbearable. Within about an hour of completion it felt completely normal.

I am scheduled to go in once a week for the next month, and then once a month for a few months after that and then I should be all done for quite a while (not permanently, but close!)

Learned: Being an up-kept woman is a lot of work and sometimes requires some pain, but if it makes me feel better about me, AND it makes my husband happy, it is SO worth it!!


TheStrawberryblush said...

I used to get the Brazillian but got tired of the waiting, the money and the pain. I purchased a product from Sephora (which they now sell at Ulta) and it's completely been an all in one perfect solution. But I am interested in the permanent stuff. I didn't know if they would do the "whole bit" or if it was just the bikini line type thing...

TheStrawberryblush said...

This is only $60 and does everything from trimming to complete removal. LOVE IT!